Who we are

Delivering building of your dream is our accomplishment


Warmest greetings to you and Welcome to Evogeo Dirpantara!

in 2017, our business has expanded to several industries, such as: Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Façade, Financial technology, and Gases filling stations, Although these industries are diverse in nature and thus require different approaches, our vision is to be the new benchmark in delivering excellent products and services to those industries.

 As we are entering a modern and smart digital technology era, Façade industries and services are not the same anymore. The competitiveness in Globalization era, drive all the management and team of EVOGEO DIRPANTARA to deliver passion and become the game changer in especially façade-exterior-interior industry in Indonesia.

 We believed that every property is a Masterpiece and it will be an honor for us to share the journey with all of you and start bringing the Heart into your Masterpiece.

vision & mision

To be the best partner in façade solution that serves new color in architectural building with premium-quality material.


Provide one-stop solution for high-quality façade and other decorative materials. Build a wide partnership network that is able to sustain close presence to customers.
Support eco-friendly applications without sacrificing aesthetical and functional values.


Andry Tejokusuma


“We are very excited to take parts in the development of the nation especially in architecture and design industry. We have a clear vision and supported with solid teamwork and eagerness to deliver only the best, that is why we look forward to work together with you in shaping the future of architectural design.

Eva Indriana

Project Director

“We believe that, in every building, there exists one aspect that enables people to see beyond the boundaries of technical functions and aesthetics; we call it the HEART of the building, it is when you feel that the building is designed specifically just for you – and that is what we would like to preserve in today’s rapid construction development.”


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